Monday, April 17, 2017


 Mark Bishop

My name is Matthew; you might have seen me
Preaching and singing on these dusty streets
Just one of many who were following Jesus
We were all witness to miraculous feats
 Maybe you just heard last week they took Him
On Friday my Lord was hung on a cross
It’s been three days now, and I feel so empty
It’s Sunday morning, and I feel so lost

My name is Mary; my heart is heavy
I’ve cried so much, I can’t cry anymore
How could this happen? He was so gentle
I’ve never met a man like Him before
How I adored Him, how I believed Him
Such a sweet peace when He walked in the room
I washed his feet, oh but lately I can’t sleep
It’s Sunday morning, think I’ll visit His tomb

My name is Peter, maybe they told you
I had denied Him; I’m sorry it’s true
He knew my weakness still He forgave me
I stood up to the soldiers, there were only a few
But I felt His hand come to rest on my shoulder
 He lowered my sword “Is this what I’ve taught?”
That’s when they took Him; later they beat Him
It’s Sunday morning; I wish now I’d fought

I am a soldier; I am a Roman
I saw the wound in His side, cut so deep
I have been stationed all night at his graveside
But it’s Sunday morning, and I fell asleep
There in the darkness the earth shook and trembled
The tomb was found empty the stone rolled away
Mary left weeping; on the path was a stranger
In the first light of Sunday, she asked Him His name
She asked Him His name

“My name is Jesus!”

He said, “My name is Jesus, and I have returned
From the grave in fulfillment of my Father’s plan
I marched into hell, past the gates of that kingdom
And I have returned with the keys in my hand
I am the Son of Go;d I’m the Redeemer
I’m the Great Shepherd and I am the Lamb
I was the crucified sacrifice Friday night
But it’s Sunday morning, and I am alive!

 My name is Jesus! (Tell all the world He’s alive, He’s alive!)
Tell all the world He’s alive, He’s alive!
My name is Jesus! (Tell all the world He’s alive, He’s alive!)
Tell all the world he’s alive, he’s alive!
My name is Jesus!

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