Tuesday, March 28, 2017

But If Not


Three Hebrew children faced with their greatest trial of all
The king said, "Give them one last chance, surely their faith will fall;"
But they would not bow and they would not bend, all they said was we will stand.
For the God we serve is able to deliver from your hand

But if not, we're still gonna love with all our might,
We're still gonna bless His name through the darkest night
Not our will but His be done, our Lord, He knows our hearts.
He may grant us our request, but If not we'll trust His way is best

Lord, I know that I have prayed this prayer so many times before,
But here I am before you now pleading my case once more.
Lord, you know how important this one thing is to me,
And I believe you're able to give me what I need.

But if not, I'm still gonna love with all my might
I'm still gonna bless Your name through the darkest night.
Not my will, but Thine be done, Oh Lord, you know my heart.
You may grant me my request, but if not, I'll trust Your way is best.

Though the raging sea inside of me sometimes is hard to stand,
You've always calmed my troubled heart & held me in Your hand

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  1. Marybeth Rochester Jones wrote this I believe