Thursday, February 9, 2017



Someone's coming could this be Him?
No, I'm not the one; just Abraham
On Mount Sinai when you saw the ram
It was just a picture of the coming Lamb

I hear footsteps. Could this be the Christ?
No, I am Moses. I am just a type
Of the One who will deliver from all sin
The Red Sea crossing was a picture of Him

There in the distance; Oh, you must be the King
No, I am David, not the one you seek
But from my seed, He'll come and will proclaim
I am the root of David; Jesus is my name

John the Baptist from Jordan's shore
I see him baptize in the name of the Lord
Oh, then he looks up and points to a man
With authority, he said " Behold the Lamb"

Look no further than a manger. He is Mary's child
Look no further than Mount Calvary and see Him die
In the garden someone's standing where a body was exhumed
Look no further; He is Jesus risen from that tomb

Up from the grave, He arose.
He arose. He arose
Look no further; He is Jesus risen from that tomb

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