Monday, September 12, 2016


Cindi Ballard and Jeff R. Steele

One day near the city of Jerusalem,
A father sadly looked into the eyes of his children.
He said, "The time for sacrifice has come;
Our sins must be covered, our wrongs must be atoned."
The younger one said, "I don't understand
Why our sins can't be forgiven without the killing of our lamb."
The father took the young child by the hand and said,

"There will come a day when the lion out of Judah
Will become the Lamb of God and take our sins away.
There will come a day, no more sacrifices needed,
Perfect grace will be completed
Oh, my child, there will come a day."

One day in the Garden of Gethsemane,
Jesus prayed, "If it be thy will, let this cup pass from me."
He knew the plan of God would have to be
And in just a few short hours, He would die on Calvary.
His humanity cried, "Lord, any other way."
His divinity rose up and said, 'This price I'll have to pay."
And just before the Father turned away, he said,

"There will come a day, your defeat will turn to victory,
For the cross that you carry bears the weight of all the world
There will come a day, when the blood stains in your hands
Declare the hope of every man,
Oh my child, there will come a day."

Each day that we live among sin's awful curse,
The evidence of darkness seems to only get much worse.
We cry to God in anguish, "Lord, how long
Will you allow this evil world to just go on and on?"
But all of us who made this God our choice
Can listen in our spirit, and we can hear His voice
He calls our downcast souls to rise, REJOICE!!! REJOICE,
He says,

"There will come a day that reveals the King of Glory,
And the mighty name of Jesus will forever be proclaimed.
There will come a day, no more night, no sin, no sorrow
No more longing for tomorrow,
Oh, my child, there will come a day."

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  1. So Grateful for the Day that is to yet come!!!
    Love this song and these Singers!
    Be Blessed!
    Many Prayers for the True Ministries!!!