Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Author Unknown

All is still, heaven is silent
As the mighty Judge ascends the throne.
The Book of Life is opened
As the countless souls begin to moan.
From the throne comes a voice like thunder
"Depart; I know you not.
For the names written in this book
Are the souls my blood has bought."

Faces turn as into that courtroom
Comes the very seed of sin.
He who was the saints' accuser
Must face the charges against him.
With the fury of all the ages
That demon voice begins to cry,
"It's not fair; I almost had you.
On Golgotha, I watched you die."

Then Satan begins to tremble
As his fate to him was known.
From the throne came the verdict,
"The lake of fire will be your home."

And I see every knee is bowing.
Every hand in honor is raised.
Every voice to Him is lifted,
"Thou art worthy; the Lamb be praised."

Angels standing at attention
As the redeemed begin to sing.
Heaven's choir resounds the anthem,
"You are our Savior, LORD, and King.
Thou art worthy, thou art worthy,
The Lamb be praised."

Purchase the album here: The Judgement


  1. I found that the composer of this song is listed as:
    Lois Gail Sybolt

  2. I know Lois personally. Yes she wrote this. What a blessing