Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Squire Parsons

If I leave this world of sorrow
Sometime before you do
Just look for me in Heaven
And we’ll talk the ages through
But if at first, you fail to see me
Let me tell you where I’ll be
I’ll be thanking Christ, my Savior
For saving a wretch like me.

But if you should reach that city
Before my time has come
Perhaps you’d like to greet me
When my race down here is run.
Just wait for I’ll soon be coming
Across life’s ebbing sea
And I’ll tell you now, dear loved one
Just where to wait for me.

Don’t look ‘neath the gates of pearl
Don’t look on the streets of gold
Don’t look by the walls of jasper
Nor among the many sights untold.
For I’ve been longing and I’ve been waiting,
For the Precious, Holy One to see
There I’ll be through the countless ages,
Look for me at Jesus’ feet.

Purchase the song here: Look For Me At Jesus Feet
Purchase the album here: Pure Southern Gospel
Purchase the soundtrack here: Look For Me At Jesus Feet (Made Popular By Booth Brothers) [Performance Track]
Purchase the sheet music here:  Look For Me at Jesus' Feet

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