Monday, January 25, 2016


Ronny Hinson & Debra Harris

He said "Father if it be your will;" the sweat turned into blood
All at once his heart stood still, overcome by love.
With ten thousand reasons why it didn't have to be
In mercy, love and mercy He thought of me.

From the garden where he prayed, straight to Pilate's hall
Where his perfect innocence took the blame for all
Then hanging on a rugged cross, though he spoke not a word
In Heaven, all over Heaven, my name was heard.

Then I became his center of attention,
I was laying heavy on his heart
Though the soldiers tore his flesh in anger,
I'm the one who tore his world apart.
Way before he ever cried "It's finished."
Long before I ever bowed a knee,
About the time he cried "Father, forgive them"
Without a second thought, he thought of me.

Purchase the song here: He Thought Of Me
Purchase the album here: Things That Last Forever

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