Thursday, August 2, 2012


Matt Dibler

Satan comes to you trying to discourage
Speaking lies to you, saying, "There's no use.
You're tired and you're weary. You feel like giving up.
You've really had enough. Why don't you quit?"

You think of all he's said. You contemplate his offer.
You think of giving in and quitting the fight,
But there was someone praying, and when they had prayed through
God sent sweet peace to you.

The Spirit comes to you saying, "Child, don't you give in.
I can handle him. Just keep the faith.
And I will give you power. Ask and you'll receive
If only you'll believe God's holy Word."

Help is on the way.
Don't give up the fight.
Help is on the way,
And victory is in sight.
God's still on the throne,
And I can hear Him say,
"Child, keep holding on,
For help is on the way."

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