Friday, April 8, 2011


Jerry Salley

Day One, They found him guilty
And sentenced him to die.
When The crowd heard the news
They shouted "Crucify".
Crowned with thorns; they mocked his name
And nailed him to a cross.
He hung there till his dying breath.
Day One, All hope was lost.

Day Two, It's still and quiet.
The crowd had all gone home.
His broken body in the tomb,
Sealed with the soldier's stone.
Believers who had followed him
Weep and question why.
Seeds of fear and doubt take hold.
Day Two, Disciples hide.

Day Three, His body's missing.
The stone was rolled away.
An angel of the Lord appeared
When the women came.
Trembling out of fear and joy.
Amazed at what they find,
They quickly run to spread the word.
Day Three, He is alive!

Day One, the hill ran crimson red
With blood to cleanse all sin.
Day Two reminds us keep the faith
When the doubts set in.
What a difference one day makes
From death to victory.
The cross became an empty grave
On Day Three.


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