Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sandy Blythe

You are standing on the mountain
Holding to the Shepherd's hand,
The valley you just came through
Was hard to understand.
Then the Shepherd draws you closer,
There's something He wants you to see,
And He points back to the valley
And unfolds its mysteries.

As the eagles soar around you
And you look back on where you've been,
One by one He answers questions
That He did not answer then.
He now shows you the danger
Of going your own way
All those roads you thought were better
Would have led your soul astray.

He reminds you of that moment
When you could not make it through.
Now you see one set of footprints
Where He reached down and carried you.
As your tears fall on His shoulder,
And you thank Him for His love,
He says, "Child, I knew that one day,
You'd see this valley from above."

Things look different on the mountain
From the Shepherd's point of view
Standing high above the trial
That He brought you safely through.
All the valley's disappointments
Will never look the same to you
For things look different on the mountain
From the Shepherd's point of view.

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  1. I love this song. It sheds light on one of the deep truths of the Christian walk.