Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Mark Bishop, Jeff Collins, David Johnson
Nothing but blue skies everywhere.
I've never seen anything to compare.
My, oh my, nothing but blue skies!

I see a river, crystal clear.
I can't believe I'm even standing here,
Can't believe my eyes...nothing but blue skies!

I hear the singing of an angel choir.
They're singing higher and higher and high...!
Seems to reach the sky...nothing but blue skies!

I've seen Matthew... hey, I met John.
So many more, oh, I've hardly begun.
How time flies... when you're looking at blue skies!

So many faces smiling back at me.
I look through the crowd... I'm trying to see..
Did you know her eyes remind me of blue skies?

Then I feel a touch like a summer breeze.
I turn around... all I can do is freeze...
When I realize I'm looking into her eyes.

No sense of lost time, just angels and sunshine...
And blue skies (everywhere) Nothing but blue skies

"I can't believe it.. it's really you... where are we.. is this...?"

"Welcome home!... oh, how I've missed you.
Since the day I had to leave you both, I've waited...
All those prayers... that God would send someone to help you find your way...
God answered my prayers on the morning our son was born."
You could never see it.

I hear a whisper... it moves through the crowd.
I see a light and then everyone bows.
Everyone bows...

All of my life... all those sad goodbyes...
All of the strife... right before my eyes...
It all melts away... it feels so far away...

I feel a hand wipe away my tears...
I rise to my feet and then everyone cheers!

Nothin' but, nothin' but nothin'...
Nothin' but, nothin' but nothin'...
Nothing but blue skies...
Nothing but blue skies...
Nothing but blue skies!

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  1. I recently lost my baby sister this May.. this song brings comfort and joy to me knowing that the promises of God is true..